Sunday, April 20, 2014

BBW PornStar Explosion 2 Orlando

Sillk Entertainment Presents a RSVP Strip show with your favorite BBW Porn Stars.
Come join us June 6, 2014
from 9pm to 2am
Featuring DJ Ox

Cover charge:
Single Ladies: $20
Couples: $40
Single Men: $30
You MUST RSVP in advance to attend!
or pre purchase your tickets in advance
**Tipping is a must,
So come ready to spend your money**
EXCLUSIVE VIP AREA - $275.00+ - Door cover for you and up to 8 of your friends, a premium bottle & mixers and your choice of two dancers for Private dances.
Bottle Service VIP - buy a bottle AT THE DOOR for $100.00+ get a FREE Lap dance.
**YOU have to purchase Dance dollars and or Lap Dance tickets at the door. There well be no money exchange between the Models and you.**
Attending models:
Lovely Sillk
Cotton Candi
Mazzaratie Monica
Jazmin Torres
Vylette Vonne
Harely Anne
More Models soon...
Stay in tune on the Facebook Event page for all up to date info
You can also tweet me @lovelysillk
For any questions email me at
No Refunds unless event is cancelled.
Check out some pictures from last year

Saturday, February 22, 2014

BBW PornStar Explosion 2

So I know I'm like almost a year late. 

But Here are SOME of the photos from the event last year. 
I'm currently working on this years event and line up. 
Expect more info soon and dates are May/June

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I need Help

I really don't know how to word this...but my heart is broken. 
My grandmother...the lady who raised me and my younger sister. 
Who saved us from a life of craziness.

 Has passed away. 

I have never had anyone close to me ever pass away. 
I don't even know if I'm handling this correctly. 
 Am I crying to much?
Am I not crying enough?
How am I suppose to feel?
How do I deal with my grief?
How do I comfort my pregnant sister?
I have millions of questions going thru my mind right now. 
and I don't have any answers for any of them. 

The one thing I do know
Is that i need to get to Puerto Rico.
Not only do I need to get there.
 I need to get my pregnant sister there.

So I'm here begging for your help.
My fan that always support me.
 I need donations.
I need money
I need 2 flight to Puerto Rico.
I need a hotel.

I need help fast.
I just paid my rent, light bill and am extremely broke.
I need to say my final goodbye.

My email is
If you can help me.
 Please email me.
I don't care but every little bit can help me right now.

Since this blog is Adult related and not Paypal Friendly. .
 I am requesting the donations to be done thru my personal Blog.

Thank you

 My sister, Grandma and Me
 RIP Vieja
Ana Luz Rojas Mojica-Rodriguez